Monday, January 26, 2009

Conversation with singing son.

me: Hi! my friend Ann said she saw you today at the Legislature--
  I'm so sorry I missed that!
  what did you sing?
9:51 PM Isaac: you can see that on line or hear a bad recording anyway
 me: yay! what did you sing?
9:52 PM Isaac: mostly snoop dogg covers
 me: awesome.
9:54 PM Isaac: we sang the national anthem prayer of the children Battle hymn of the republic and utah man but not bob dylan as per my incessant requests. or snoop dog-- my requests were not so incessant for the dogg
9:55 PM me: my friend Ann said you guyz were jaw-droppingly good.
 Isaac: yeah well drop your jaw to this
 Isaac: you will hear Russel M. Praying and Former Speaker Bumbling
  we are after that
 me: Is Bumbling his name? Mr. Bumbling?
  The Honorable Bumbling?
9:58 PM because that would be awesome.
 Isaac: no it is Cxxxxx as in I am a doof Gxxx Cxxxxx
 me: The Honorable Gxxx "Bumbling" "I Am a Doof" Cxxxxx, then. Great.
9:59 PM Thank you for the link! I am going to post it on my blog, btw.

10:04 P

   Isaac: What are you posting that I ain't got no status or that I sang for the lechislatyour
 me: lechislatyour
  It's cool, man.
10:05 PM Isaac: That is how I say it now it seems to fit them better.
  it sounds like leach or lech or something
 me: I might use that spelling, also--it's good.
10:06 PM Isaac: it is like they are going to lech your is sooner or later
 me: Excellent analysis.


  1. Here to testify again. Jaw-droppingly good. It was good times, although I feel bad for beating off a pregnant woman who wanted to sit in the seat I was saving for my dad. Really. Should I be treating pregnant ladies that way?

  2. my brother kinda rocks. :D
    love it...



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