Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun stuff because I love y'all.

First of all, this, especially in honor of theorris:

(courtesy Scotland daughter, via navel gazing at its finest)

And second of all, because I read fashion blogs, I found this for you:  Aretha Franklin Is Not Sure if She Can Bear to Give 'The Hat' to the Smithsonian.  Better than that:  "The Hat" photoshopped onto Stephen Colbert and Karl Rove and assorted dogs:

Do not fail to check out the whole page.  It, like the hat itself on Inauguration Day, will lift your spirits.  And who doesn't need to look at pictures of dogs in hats in these dark days?


  1. That video lifted my spirits.

  2. An interesting tribute to John William' ouvre. Fitting given that he wrote the piece that kept us from having a leader for a few minutes. And am I wrong to actually like Aretha's hat?

  3. I LOVE Aretha's hat.



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