Sunday, January 25, 2009

Agenda for this week.

1.  Heavy and exciting television watching.
2.  Excavating a room downstairs so that it is useable again.
3.  Exploring whether I like beets grated onto my salad.
4.  Making a sourdough start?
5.  Buying a new Mac of my very own.
6.  Sending poems out into the void.
7.  Writing writing writing writing writing.
8.  Reading something slightly more aspirational than crime fiction?
9.  Going to the movies--at least on the weekend.
10. Lunch with a friend.
11.  More writing.
12.  Walking with Bruiser.
13.  A nap or three.


  1. 14. visit my cute grandson

  2. Naps. Oh naps how I miss you. (word verification:prownies. Power brownies? Would they be delicious or disgusting?)

  3. A new Mac! I'm jealous.

  4. I need to squeeze myself into one of these weeks of yours, or a weekend.



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