Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snow day.

Although I'm not currently writing a syllabus or preparing to teach or anything that relates to my normal job, but because even so, I am technically about my employer's business, I decided that it was well within my authority as the smallest of the satellite "campuses" to declare today an official snow day.  Also, using that same authority, I retroactively declared yesterday an official snow day.  So I baked bread and made soup and read my very interesting novel.  Which makes the two official snow days highly productive, using the newly calibrated Snow Day Productivity Metric (®) (authorized for use only at this campus).

In other campus announcements, I am sick.

Also, while employing my remote control for television viewing, I caught a tiny snippet of Tim, a 1979 film starring a quite-young Mel Gibson as a mentally challenged but very buff young man wearing some super-tiny shorts.  If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself.  My channel guide said it was going to be The Rockford Files. Then we watched Jeopardy.  

And now, back to my regularly scheduled novel.


  1. I am also sick! How can I be sick again? I never get sick! Arg. I hope you feel better with your soup and snow day strategy.

  2. I am not sick but I am feeling sympathy. Also, soup sounds good. Great! Also, I loved "Milk." Loved, loved, loved.

  3. my favorite phrase in this post:

    about my employer's business

  4. Sick? So sorry to hear that.

    But can I just say that your new self-photos are great.



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