Monday, January 12, 2009

The facts about today.

Bruiser woke me at 4 a.m.
Wrote.  Ate a bowl of Kix.
Woke the historian and climbed back in bed at 7.
Awoke three and a half hours later.  
Cleared my head, got dressed, ran some errands.
Found this, this, this and this in the piles of cds everywhere.
Bought lipstick and Sundance tickets.
Wrote some more.
Asked myself this question:  What connects grief and the will?
Made red lentil soup. Laundered. Waited for the historian to get home. Walked Bruiser.
Tried this and viewed this. (via kottke)
The Jazz beat Indiana.

That is all.


CPS said...

So who is winning the battle for the music in your head--requiems or The Hold Steady? My money is on the Faure.

Counterintuitive said...

I want to know what you came up with: what is, then, the connection between will and grief? I'm genuinely curious. Of course that means you'd have to reply to my comment which you don't do so I guess I'm screwed :)

Lisa B. said...

Oh no, I have responded to a comment of yours, ci, but you missed it!

Here is my tentative answer, via Jonathan Edwards (from _Freedom of the Will_): " in every act of refusal, the mind chooses the absence of the thing refused . . . " That's what I'm working with, anyway.

Nik said...

I also want to know what you came up with. Perhaps a new post today will enlighten us. Grief is so out of control and will pretends so hard toward control. Very interesting.

Dr. Write said...

My interests are more practical. What did you get tickets to?

ann cannon said...

Sounds like a perfect day, actually.

I also bought Sundance tickets in an effort to re-connect with film. And also to make myself get out of my damn house. We're seeing ADAM and BIG FAN.


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