Saturday, January 24, 2009

The historian, it's your birthday, happy birthday, the historian.

Happy birthday to the historian!  I asked him to tell me ten things he wished for.  He said he wished 

1. that he understood more about economics;
2. that he were a painter; and/or
3. that he were a musician, and especially that he understood jazz;
4. that we will be able to travel in the future to at least some of the places we want to go;
5. that he would enjoy good health for the rest of his life;
6. that the Scotlands would move here in the not-too-distant future;
7. that he would remain productive as a historian;
8. that he were a swell pool player;
9. that he were a magician; and finally,
10. that none of our kids will have financial difficulties.

In light of these wishes, I wish the historian a year filled with learning, art, music and especially jazz, travel, excellent health, lots of family visits, new and exciting historical projects, pool-shooting, magic, and prosperity spread all around--to everyone, because prosperity is just better that way.  

In conclusion, please substitute "the historian" for "Lisa" in this song:


  1. In these hard times, I worry about the Historian. I hope the Historian knows that we love him. Because he does not have a blog please let him know, and wish him a happy birthday from us.

  2. happy birthday john! sorry it is late!
    and i hope that you can do at least some of the things you want! :D

  3. Happy Birthday the Historian. And may the economics that make no sense make better and happier sense soon for all your people (and the people, overall).

  4. A wonderful list of wishes from an elegant soul. May they all come true. Happy birthday, Historian.

  5. Happy Birthday to John from our family.. I hope he had a great day.

    Awesome wishes.. and I hope this next year is wonderful for him. And I'll get in on the prosperity thing too... ;o)

  6. We in the gardens wish the Historian a bouquet of his wishes. Happy Birthday, Historian!

  7. Oh!! Happy birthday, Historian! It's my historian's birthday, too. WHO KNEW?

  8. Happy Birthday John! I hope all your wishes come true. You deserve it.

  9. I know how important birthday comments are! Happy Birthday John!

  10. Happy Birthday Brother John! Sorry to be late--but you will be happy to know I was doing union work all day on your birthday!



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