Thursday, October 25, 2012

Short notes to public transit.

Dear public transit,

I admire how you go everywhere in downtown Denver. I like your frequency and your promptness. Public transit, you are in every case I can think of a blessing to a city and an aid and a comfort to the carless, the out-of-towner, and the downtrodden.

However, the microphone into which your driver speaks--by all evidence, pretty much articulating the words onto and around the microphone--is the opposite of a transmitter.  It is a transblatter.




Stop requested, I guess?



Dear public transit,

Thank you for your kind drivers, who, while perhaps a bit on the surly side, are also very helpful.
Possibly my hotel clerk, in helping me to plan my bus ride, could have been a bit more helpful? (Although he was not the least bit surly.) Even so, I did not know, actually, what the fare was when I got on the bus. I was close--I had two dollar bills at the ready, but not the additional quarter.

"You can take a seat while you find it," the driver said.

Thank you, thoughtful driver. And yes, I will take a transfer.




  1. Dear HTMS:

    I will miss your letters when October is over.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Radagast...these letters have been great.



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