Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Dear intermittent transitional sniffle,

By my count, this is the third interval at which you have recurred since September began. With the listlessness. The hot eyes. The, yes, unfortunate itchy, sniffly eponymous nose. I am, quite frankly,
a little annoyed that you are here again.

Intermittent transitional sniffle, what angel are you? What messenger? Are you here to tell me that cold is coming? That the days will be darker?

If I had to guess, I'd wager that you're telling me in all but words--in the language of the symptom--that I need more sleep. And also that, with more sleep, I would not feel, at this moment, so beleaguered, stressed out, overwhelmed all at once--and really, at an escalating rate over the last week and a half. Sleep, you're saying. Sleep!

Intermittent transitional sniffle: I hear you, but do you have to be so pushy?



  1. I think that intermittent sniffle is also international because I have it as well.

  2. If I stay up past 9 -- there it is. If I close my eyes before 9 -- goes away. There is a clear causative link here if I could just figure it out . . .



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