Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear month of November,

You are on your way. I would like to submit some requests.
  • Please have suitable weather. I know not everyone agrees with me on this, but it's time for things to get colder. Please no unseasonable warmness. Sun is fine, but let's keep it on the cold side.
  • Please do not rush by. I am behind, month of November, and I have a lot of catching up to do, especially this week. 
          November across the street
        • Please do not be excessively Christmasy. I have promised--promised!--my children that I will not delay in putting up a Christmas tree this year. And I mean to keep that promise. However! That does not mean a slough of Christmas music and other holiday hoopla before Thanksgiving. I have not even been grouchy at all about Halloween this year! There are pumpkins on my porch, and I wore a tee shirt with a spider web pattern on it, and I mean to wear my raven shirt if I can find it. I know Halloween isn't your brief, month of November, but I offer my Halloween-friendly attitude to show that I am not anti-holiday, not at all. But I think we all know what the relevant holiday is for November: Thanksgiving. So let's not rush it.
        • Please, please, please help me get caught up this week. I need to get caught up.
        That is all. I hope you find these requests reasonable.

        Over and out in the Denver airport,


        p.s. See what you can do about the election concluding with an acceptable outcome. Please.


        1. I love your letters, HTMS. Also, glad you're doing okay with the Halloween thing. Also, I agree about the Christmas thing.



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