Sunday, October 07, 2012

Dear grading,

Dear grading,

I know. You haven't heard for me in awhile. That's because I've been behind. But today, I made a big down payment on getting caught up. I was pretty proud of myself. I graded myself into a stupor. As in, I had to take a nap, and that is for real.

Here's one thing, grading: today you gave me some happy surprises, such as the students who made little videos and audio projects and comic strips for their field research and invention work. It was so much fun to find these little treasures. And it reminded me that I mostly find teaching rewarding. Even if  I staggered to my feet from one lengthy spasm of grading, and said to my husband, the historian, "I hate grading. And maybe that means I hate teaching." But no. No, I don't.
At least not today.

Grading, you usually also manage to show me my failings and weaknesses. O. M. G. I am not sure how nearly every student got the idea that the second writing assignment had a 500 word limit. Students! That was the first assignment!  And grading, I was able to clarify this, and we have all moved on. But almost every student! That's got to be a design flaw. And the designer is, and was, and always will be, God willing, me, moi, myself. Blech.

But. I only have half of a long list of more grading to do tomorrow. Which I will. Tomorrow. When I get up. I hope not to dream of you, grading. Wait until I awaken. You can terrify and exhaust me then.

Sincerely, htms.

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