Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear the word "solutions,"

I like to use you, the word "solutions," on occasions like these:
  • when there is a math problem.
  • when there is a syntax problem.
  • when there is a proposal in the offing, and a problem has first been identified.
  • when you're talking about a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances--i.e., when one is doing chemistry.
However, when this came into my e-mail inbox today, I had to demur:

These are books you're talking about. BOOKS, the word "solutions"!

Is a movie theater a "cinematic experience solution"? Are shoes "bare feet solutions"? Is a taco a "TexMex deficiency solution"?

The word "solutions," please never behave this way again.

I'm not kidding,



  1. Book book booky bookity book. Also, a book

  2. Okay, first, I love Amelia's profile picture here. And second, hell. This reminds me a little of that old episode of MASH where some of the characters added
    "-wise" to make perfectly good words sound fancy, as in "we're thrilled to share with you our latest solution, solution-wise."

    No need to gussy up that word. "Book" does fine on its own.



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