Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dear sandwich that literally saved my life today,

Perhaps you recall the scene? It was 12:47 p.m., just thirteen minutes before my afternoon office hours were to begin. I had eaten the Triscuits, all three and a half of them, lurking in the bottom of the box; five Jujyfruits, the dentists' friend; and fifteen dry roasted almonds. But my soul cried out for more. Lo! in the depths of my afflictions, both physical and spiritual, I was anhungered, and therefore I headed over to the food court to obtain nourishment.

Which is how, sandwich that literally saved my life today, I happened to find myself in the sandwich line, next to my colleague. "What's good here?" she asked me. And so I proselytized my usual to her: the BLT hack (only a hack because BLT is nowhere to be found on the menu, but you can add bacon to any sandwich, which reminds me of that scene from Five Easy Pieces where Jack Nicholson is either an antihero sticking it to the man,or an asshole--but I am always nice about it, and the sandwich people are happy to play along), with pesto mayo. That's you, sandwich that literally saved my life today. Now, I have had other good sandwiches, and Lord knows that I have made many great sandwiches myself, but I think this might be the best sandwich ever.

I have no idea how my colleague felt about her sandwich, but after she paid for hers, I ordered the same--the sandwich that literally saved my life today--and went back to my office to eat. No students arrived, and I fell upon you like a wolf upon prey. While I was eating, wolfishly, I simultaneously wanted to keep eating forever, and to finish, so that I could reflect upon the glory.

Later, another colleague came to my office. We are working on a paper together, maybe. We spent a couple of minutes commiserating about things.

"But on the bright side, I had a really good sandwich for lunch," she said.

And so had I. Which just goes to show: sometimes a good sandwich can rescue a day. Can redeem it. Can, literally, save your life. Thank you, sandwich that literally saved my life today, for being that sandwich.

No really--thank you,



  1. Seriously. Someday I want a bound real-paper volume of all the collected open letters of htms. I love them!

  2. I have had the same experience with a life-saving sandwich. It was glorious.

  3. I want to push the like button on both Emma and Kristen's comments. And then I'll push the like button on my own comment which is this: nobody writes about food love better than you do, Lisa B.

  4. i will always love that you are a bacon-eating vegetarian. it's one of my favorite things about you. :)



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