Saturday, October 20, 2012

Memo to the new television season.

TO:         The new television season
FROM:   htms
DATE:    Oct. 20, 2012
RE:         Mid-October Evaluation

I see a lot of hit-and-miss-iness. For instance, my commitment to The New Girl and The Mindy Project, while stalwart, is running purely on my affection for the characters/stars, and possibly my misbegotten confusion of the stars with their characters.

I love--I'm using the word love--Tina Fey, and I have loved 30 Rock from the beginning, despite the fact that it has been weird, pretty weird, for quite some time now. I decided long ago I was in it for the long haul. I'm just built that way. But I would appreciate it it, the new television season, if you would convey this message to the 30 Rock writers: would it kill you to, I dunno, make us care about the characters? a little? (Also, you can tell them that I totally fell for that Facebook thing, citing the faux magazine story where they said Jenna was 56 years old. Psych! on me. She's 42. Well-played.) But still: I want to care about the characters! Caring about the characters is why I'm still watching The Big Bang Theory and why I'll watch any episode of Frasier, anytime. (Yes, I know this is sad, but this memo is me giving notes to you. Let's leave my emotional life out of it.)

Parks and Recreation--hit and miss, but more hits than misses. Carry on.

Glee has made the transition of taking the younguns past high school graduation rather gracefully, and I am loving it. The last episode nigh unto killed me, because everyone broke up with everyone. Kate Hudson plays a mean/secretly not quite as mean dance instructor at NYADA that has it in for Rachel. It is awesome.

Now that the "season" of Major Crimes is over and they're promising new episodes next ...wait for it...summer, I am officially bummed. Because I really, really liked it. It made me almost not miss The Closer, and that's saying a lot.

The Good Wife is as good as it gets. Perhaps it will gratify you to know that it's one of the historian's all-time favorite shows. That's right. All-time. Me, too, by the way.

I also went ahead and took up Nashville which is a giant slice of cheese served on a cheese plate with a side of cheese and a foamy soapy topping. Wow! But it is compulsively watchable and laugh-at-able and full of excellent music. Also, the city of Nashville figures prominently. This show is so good/bad that the Go Fug Yourself girls do a screen-capped episode guide for it that is a riot. AND it features songs as good as this:

In conclusion, please don't cancel this awesome/awful show, and let there be more achy-breaky music like this, preferably in every single episode. And characters I care about! 30 Rock, I am looking at you.


  1. You actually make me want to watch awful TV shows!

  2. I have to say I am also love/hating Nashville. . . and will probably download the soundtrack or something shameful.

    Also. . . Vampire Diaries and Revenge. That is how sad I am.

  3. Here's a list of my programs. Or "stories" as my boys derisively call them after they watched an episode of Judge Joe Brown in which a defendant couldn't keep a job because he wanted to stay home a watch his "stories."

    Monday. I keep forgetting about Major Crimes, which is sad, because I like it when I watch it and I trust HTMS's recommendation above all else. But I do watch Monday Night Football. And some Castle. Castle is . . .benignly likable.

    Tuesday. HTMS will hate this but I kind of do watch me some NCIS Los Angeles because I love all the extreme male posturing that goes on in that show. Also, I've been watching Vegas. But I think Dennis Quaid has had a lot of botox BECAUSE he only has one expression, i.e. "grim." At all times. The gangster guy is by far the more interesting character.

    Wednesday. I still like Modern Family. I'm maybe not as crazy in love with it as I used to be, but so what. Gloria and Jay are fabulous. The new Lily bugs me.

    Thursday. Person of Interest is my second favorite show these days. Very badass. Good music soundtrakc. I'm looking at you, Black Keys. I like Elementary, too, although I'm still not feeling the Lucy Liu love.

    Friday. I don't watch TV unless there's a game on I care about.

    Saturday. More games. Also 48 Hours. SPOILER ALERT. The husband did it.

    Sunday. My favorite show--The Good Wife--has not disappointed this year, although I don't really understand what's going on with Kalinda and her husband (who always plays dirtbags in British TV series). I'm still watching Revenge, although I have no. idea. what. is. happening.

  4. BTW, thanks for indulging me.



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