Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Denver,

Tomorrow evening, I will be with you. There's a three-day workshop on Race Street that I'll be attending, one for which I have just haphazardly and frantically packed.

I'll be going to work tomorrow, for my Writing Center tutorials and a fat meeting and then appointments with my grammar and style students. So my bag has to be packed now, which makes me feel haphazard and frantic. I need to do something about that, Denver. Maybe you'll give me some perspective.

I hope so. I'm hoping to learn some things and observe many things and learn some more things. I'm hoping to rest and be quiet. I'm hoping to eat some good meals alone, and I'm hoping to calm down.

In the meantime, tonight I scanned these, which may or may not be a part of the project of the workshop. I had to cry a little while I looked for these photos. And then I had to cry a little when I looked through them. But the crying's over, at least for now.

Denver, don't let me down.

I'm kind of counting on you,



  1. I love that picture of all of dropping Isaac off at the MTC, old school style, when they actually let you in the MTC.
    PS I always knew you loved Walker best. He got the most pictures.

  2. I know these pics aren't of my family, HT, but somehow they made me miss them all the same. :)

  3. I too loved these pictures. I hope Denver doesn't let you down.

  4. Eat at that good place with the awesome hamburgers...(hmm?) and the small bottles of champagne...(hunh?). anyway, that's where I would eat. And don't forget about that awesome Russian coffee...which isn't actually Russian...etc.

  5. Like Stephanie, I think your pictures are a universal truth. Those fresh little faces that become vigorous adult faces. I hope Denver is mile-high in all good things and far exceeds any expectations!

  6. A lifetime in images. Thank you, HTMS. And good luck in Denver.

  7. So cute! I think Van looks a lot like his namesake. What do you think?



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