Thursday, August 09, 2012


Today, I awoke at the crack of dawn--for real, the people, I thought the crack of dawn might break me in two--to go to the airport to fly to Portland for my nephew's wedding. My parents arrived at my house to go to the airport; the historian dropped us off when there was only a little light in the sky. I might be exaggerating, or whining, or both. Both are my specialities. But it was early, my friends. Early, in my book.

We got to Portland and drove to my brother's house, where there was baking and treat making in full sway:

I helped to place the cake pops in an artful array, and only had to eat one of them due to artful arranging malfeasance. My mom baked the little pecan tarts, known as Tea time tassies in our familiy lore. Then there was lunch to eat, and a few hands of cards to play, and a family dinner at a restaurant. Then chatting and laughing. The wedding is tomorrow. Here's the handsome groom:

He's a fine musician and a lovely person in all respects. Cheers to him and his lovely bride.


  1. loving all the pictures of the wedding prep. I have never had one of those tiny pecan pies. I feel my life is not complete.

  2. Damn the artful malfeasance!

  3. Clearly you come from a long line of bakers of delicious, beautiful desserts.



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