Friday, August 03, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

3D! $1! by which I mean $4!
1. A cheap date. Tonight, the historian and I went to see Men In Black 3, which I had already seen with my daughter, and suspected that he would enjoy. We saw it in 3D this time at the dollar theater, so, technically not "a" dollar--it was "four" dollars, which I think we can all agree is a bargain, 3D-movie-wise. Before the movie, we ate at Smash Burger. So: a burger and a movie = cheap date. And I would argue that there is special joy in seeing a movie with the people, where the people see movies. Although I must say, this point was perhaps not so impressive to the historian. Who is a Socialist! I ask you!

2. French fries. The people, I submit to you: the potato achieves itself most fully in the form of the frite. I say this, in full acknowledgement that one might argue that the potato achieves itself in the form of the chip. Sixes. I had fries with my veggie Smash burger, with rosemary and salt, and they were durn good. I recommend them.

Water feature, WVC Promenade. Nice!

3. The new West Valley City Promenade at Fairbourne Station. West Valley City has been, for a long time, more of a theoretical concept than an actual city. I give props to the planners of WVC for this lovely new park that already has mixed uses (a transit hub and shopping center and public library, as well as the city government buildings) and is in the process of adding more (residential/hotel). The park has lovely water features and, tonight, when we visited the whole affair after the movie, it was cool and damp and entirely refreshing. People strolled through it on the way to the train station. Well-played, West Valley City.


  1. Yes yes yes to all of this, but especially to the frite part. I often think if I could have only one food for the rest of my life, it would be the potato--as long as condiments and potato preparing-type tools were included.

    Fries. Heaven.

    Also, your headers always inspire.

  2. Re: Fries v. Potato Chips:

    I submit that fries win over potato chips because a bad fry is 98% more disappointing than a potato chip. I've never suggested that we go to a different restaurant because they don't have very good chips.. just sayin'.



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