Monday, August 13, 2012

New wunderkammer.

"The raw, then, not the cooked. A loose, unthematized collection; the parts not
necessarily inflecting each other as in a traditional essay. The mind will force
an order on the resultant text (the viewers make the pictures, was Duchamp’s
famous pronouncement). The refusal to allow text as open-ended, unscrewed-
down box, rushing instead to impose on it the mild boredom of
order, is a concern I have with much computers and writing scholarship today."

1 Viking Ruins, Shetland Island

2 "Deadbeat Club," the B-52s 

3 Interview on Fresh Air with Peter Heller

4 Lost and found artist Rodriguez

5 End of summer 2012

6 Robert Frost, "Directive"

7 Facade, Dunottar Castle

8 from "Box Logic," Geoffrey Sirc  (also passage above)

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  1. I love this comic/graphic look! so cool! More please!



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