Sunday, August 12, 2012

The hammer.

Tomorrow, the vague thoughts I have been loosely entertaining since last May about how I'm going to do this and that and various and sundry whatnots--these thoughts are about to get specific.

I'm talking about how I'm going to figure out a time to go swimming, of course.

No, not really. I'm talking about syllabi-bye-bye (that's my little tribute to the Backstreet Boys, all right?). Tomorrow. Is when it starts.

I am pretty sure that a flood of amazing and transformative ideas will coalesce/reappear/appear for the first time once I start thinking in the concrete and not in the whenever. I'm pretty much counting on it. But first, I have to go to bed and sleep for a milllllion hours. It's a prerequisite.


  1. Put the hammer down, and just back away.

  2. Mom!! that is N*SYNC's song!!! hahaha



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