Saturday, August 18, 2012

Open letter to the LMS.

Dear the Learning Management System,

I am not even going to begin with a small compliment to soften the sure-to-follow criticism. Not even! because I am mad at you.

I am mad, the LMS, that you will not accept my code. I am mad that you keep deleting this code. I am also mad that you keep dumping my work simply because I am using a browser that you do not like, because you are persnickety like that.

The LMS, you are annoying. I am annoyed with you. My course will be more boring because you are persnickety and also, I am feeling harassed. By you. I am considering filing a grievance against you, the LMS. On the grounds that you are not an equal opportunity LMS. You are discriminating against me and my work, and I demand redress.

On the other hand, now that I have switched to another browser, and you seem to be working better, maybe I will sleep on this possible grievance.

But you better watch it.

My man: for real,


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