Thursday, August 02, 2012

School supplies.

Here's what I've bought to prepare myself for school (I can't be the only one who feels a perennial, autumnal urge to buy pencils this time of year):

1. pens (a set of two, one of which I'm not sure where it is, actually.)
2. more pens (because you can't have too many.)
3. a pencil box (for corralling my wandering pens. Obv.)
4. notebooks, a pack of three that will fit into my purse. (NOTEBOOKS. my precious!)
5. satchel (omg it is the best thing everrrrrrrrrrr.)
6. cowboy boots (yippie ki yay!)

Here are things I considered buying, but didn't, but still might:

7. new watercolors (I already have, like, five sets. But a new set is so choice.)
8. set of paintbrushes (for the above. For all my painting needs, really.)
9. set of glitter glue pens. (for grading papers.)
10. pencils, old school.

What do you want, need, have to have for school? Or, if you're not in school yourself, what do you want, need, have to have so that you can be in solidarity with school?  And learning. And everything that is right and good in this world? Plaid skirt? knee socks? saddle shoes? protractor?


  1. i bought the kids backpacks & a new outfit each. haven't bought their school supplies yet. you've inspired me, though, to by myself something fun for back to school! like fun grading pens.

  2. I would have every notebook, if I could...

    * sighs wistfully *

  3. Don't forget the back-to-school haircut! I'm getting mine next week. :)

  4. 1. Large, Pink Pearl eraser
    2. Large bottle Elmer's glue
    3. Sears Toughskins jeans, 3 pair
    4. 1 pair Keds sneakers, one size too big.



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