Sunday, August 26, 2012


Tonight we were watching TV while I was simultaneously reading Tana French's Broken Harbor. We switched channels and happened upon this, on Turner Classic Movies, in the middle of it:

At the end of the clip, the voice says, "For  Turner Classic Movies, I'm Patricia Clarkson."

The historian: Oh! Patricia Clarkson.

Me: (this could sound smug but I swear it wasn't) Yep. (because I already knew without being told.)

The historian: You knew that?

Me: Yep. I can always tell celebrity voices.

It's true. I am a champ at being able to ascertain even minor celebrity voices (for instance, actress Kim Greist, who was in a bunch of movies in the 80s, including Throw Momma From the Train, a movie I love, probably undeservedly--she used to do voiceover for chocolate commercials, and I was all, That's the girl from Throw Momma from the Train, and people around me would say, What girl?). It turns out that celebrity voice identification is one of my minor superpowers.

My other minor superpower is picking out an excellent watermelon with great accuracy.

I would like my major superpower to be poetry, but I feel I may be too erratic for that. Maybe it's a superpower, but an erratic one, subject to crippling bouts of self-doubt. Or maybe it's a superpower, but I have a Kryptonite. Maybe the editors of literary journals are my Kryptonite?

What is your superpower? I really really want to know.


  1. My secret superpower is finding amusing things to send to friends and family from the internets. It is a real thing you know.

  2. You are also, of course, Super Film Critic, Cook, Blogger, Etc., and also, Ad Infinitum, but that's you.

    Pour moi:
    1. Quick looker-upper of words in a dictionary (the old school ones, with, like, paper pages, and stuff);
    2. A rather fine elephant trumpeter, suitable for amusing grandsons;
    3. Liker of Lewis and Hathaway on Masterpiece Mystery, in a super sort of way.



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