Sunday, August 12, 2012


Spent some time today at Powell's downtown, the bookstore that is also a shrine to the reading life. Today, I didn't have a system for approaching Powell's, no list of books nor any real agenda. In my desultory way, I found 

  • a translation of Sophocles' odes and fragments; 
  • a book of late T'ang dynasty poetry; 
  • a David Lehman edited anthology of prose poems; 
  • a book for my dad on the evolution of cooperation; 
  • a Danish police procedural that I'm pretty excited about; 
  • and a few other thises and thats, which all added up to a fairly shockingly steep bill. Letter press greeting cards will do that, I guess.

I am packing all of these items into my tiny, tiny suitcase, which I will check, because I am a checker. Tomorrow I am jetting home to the SLC. Monday begins my transition into school mode, whoo hoo. Yep, way excited about that.  I would also maybe like to go swimming. And ride my bike and walk with Bruiser, have mostly quiet days for the school preparation. See some movies. Live simultaneously in another  dimension, Summerworld. Possible? We'll see, and I will let you know.

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  1. Powells is one of my favorite places, especially their children's lit. section. We always make sure we go there when we see Steve & Katrina. :)



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