Friday, May 11, 2012


Today, in a shuttle from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1: The Historian: You know, when I told everyone when we were going to Scotland, they all said how terrible the weather would be. But I just remember what you said: Me: ...that's not really why Historian: ...we're going there to see people. Me: --plus, you can do things in the rain. Unless you're, like, going to the Caribbean or something. Otherwise, you can just go do stuff. Historian: Right! Me: In fact, this whole country is basically built on that premise: you can do everything in rainy weather. [we land in Aberdeen, and it is--wait for it--raining.]


  1. Lovely rain! It makes a cuppa taste even better. :)

  2. Ha! I'm so glad you made it! Enjoy the rain for me. Remember, it's Scottish rain!

  3. And you have the perfect hair for rain--curls love rain, rain loves curls. And you get to use an umbrella, or not. And it's Scotland with the Scots. All good.

  4. it rained once when i was there... :)
    I love it there.



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