Friday, May 18, 2012

Cultural lessons.

The children at Kellands school are organized into houses, just like in Harry Potter. My granddaughters are in Harlaw house. There is no sorting hat. Sometimes when they line up at the beginning of the day, two groups will shout the Welsh sporting chant:

Oggy oggy oggy

Oi oi oi!

One group shouts "Oggy"; the other responds "oi!"

This week on Thursday, the girls--indeed, all the children--had 'Fair Trade Tuck Shop.' This meant that they took 50p to buy a fair trade snack in the afternoon.

That is all.

[we're on the road at the moment--intermittent Internet access. I promise to make up missed posts. I am taking this everyday blogging challenge/promise seriously as grim death. Remind me to tell you about this idiom later.]

1 comment:

  1. That oggy oggy oggy oi oi oi thing? I think that appears as a chorus in an AC/DC song. I'm serious about that.

    Love your daily posting. My life has been seriously enriched this year.



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