Monday, May 07, 2012

Lists, plus a chart.

What I am taking to Scotland:

1. soft, comfortable clothes. Too many of them.
2. walking shoes, for all the ruined castles I will be capering about upon.
3. books, both e and print. Again, too many.
4. iPad! Because no matter wheresoe'er I roam, I must be internet-capable.
5. camera (say this in three syllables with a prolonged emphasis on the 'ah' at the end).
6. camera connecting cords.
6. origami paper for this one craft idea I have, to do with the grandgirls. (Basically, I want to make a butterfly mobile like the one I bought at the Getty. Or, like, a bunch of them.)
7. charged up iPod with music for me and the historian. Jazz for him, everything else, plus jazz, for me.
8. etc.

Things we will do in Scotland:

Also, for your statistical pleasure, this is what my current grading status looks like:

"finished & entered" = all the A's and all the E's, plus a scattering of other grades.
"partially finished" = people whose last things I am waiting for, even though
it makes no sense whatsoever to wait like that.
"not touched" = can't stand to address the issues in the terrible work? or:
saving the best till last?
*other: actually, I think the above categories cover this. So split the 10% evenly.


  1. Have a grrreat time in Scotland, lass! Enjoy the wee ones! Can't wait to see your posts and pics from abroad (one word).

  2. Ahhh, Scotland! Do enjoy all the capering about on ruined castles and please have some lovely tea and biscuits for me. :)

  3. This treap is going to be the bestio.

  4. Enjoy the stone circling!

  5. Why am I waiting so much for the bad students? They are BAD!!
    In any case, I will miss you muchly, but see you when you return. And you must bring good tales from the far, far North.



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