Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Megastore Recommends.

This was good.
1. Validation. For instance, when your daughter checks in with you about how to roast little red potatoes, and later you find out she roasted some green beans alongside, which happens to be a dish you often have made yourself. Or you see your messy perennial garden in full hullaballoo. Or when your Publication Boot Camp goes, if not smashingly, at least swimmingly. Validation is good.

Devastation lies ahead.
2. Watching catch-up episodes of your shows. I hear I have a devastating episode of Mad Men to watch, the one from this past Sunday. But before I can watch that episode, I have to watch the prior two that we also missed while we were in Scotland. One of which we did, tonight. Very satisfying. Also, last night I watched the double episode of Glee, the one where they go to Nationals; and this afternoon after the Publication Boot Camp, I came home and watched the final episode of the season (spoiler alert: they graduate!) and cried my DayQuil eyes out.

King of Clutch.
3. Watching a little Conference Championship basketball. It's not like you have any skin in the game. Might as well enjoy watching several terrific teams, all with terrific players, get into it. I am particularly enjoying the clutchy mc-clutchness of Dwyane Wade at the moment, although I cannot and will not root for the Heat. It's, like, against the laws of nature.

4. The flowers OMG.

Actual flowers.


  1. Oh, HTMS, it's always divine when you make the recommendations. I am validating you for that. Thanks!

  2. Bravo! After five attempts at proving I'm not a robot, I finally matched the alleged "two words"!

  3. Validations--all good. Madmen--killing me.

  4. and what good potatoes and green beans they were!!! i love being able to call you to make sure my dinners taste like you actually made them. :)



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