Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dear May 1,

Thank you, today, for the way my ribs seem to expand a little more fully with each breath.

Thank you for the chance to talk to friends, here and there, all the day long.

Thank you for a final exam that consisted of students reading their poems to one another, and thank you for poems.

May 2

Thank you for saving my late wake-up with a quicker than usual trip to the bagel place.

Thank you for the wet driveway in the morning, and the cool air and the brilliant sun in the afternoon. Thank you for a moon ringed with clouds, but shining through.

Thank you for the growl of thunder I hear now, thank you for a chance of rain.

Thank you for the good sleep that, thanks to last night's insomnia, I feel certain I will have tonight.




  1. Dear 1 May,
    Thank you for being so lovely. It gives me hope for sunny weather when we have visitors in a week or so!

  2. April is so hard. (I know. Old news.) thank you for the May thanks.



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