Monday, May 14, 2012

Today at Neolithic world.

...with cows.

sun behind clouds between two standing stones with Bennachie on the horizon.


going & coming.


going & coming some more.

rainbow & more rainbow.

zombie Evie.

this is Eli.



radagast said...

Okay, it looks incredible. But are there rides? Animatronics?

Nik said...

I do think you can take me with you next time you go. I'll be very quiet. Or perhaps I can make do with your pictures. They transport me there.

Ann said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning. Those three words say it all.

gilian said...

That is a stone trip.

Amelia said...

Zombie Evie and Eli's smile are fantastic!

Stephanie said...

Amazing!! Love the pictures, friend. Soak up all that lovely happiness. :)

Clint Gardner said...

I really dig this traveloge.


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