Sunday, August 02, 2009

Down the mountain.

The people, it is hot.

And, in that environment, I must begin to think about work, as in my job. As in:
  • syllabi
  • online content
  • reading the governing documents for faculty
  • developing some content that other faculty can use (one of the outcomes/deliverables of my sabbatical proposal)
I think we can all agree that "hot" is an unconducive environment for any of that. But I am a professional and therefore I will execute faithfully all of the above with only minimum amount of whining.

I have various pieces of the manuscript to mull over still. And I have some video essays I'd still like to make, let alone movies I would like to see! Maybe tomorrow has to be my laundry day/make a plan day.

I don't want to start counting down the weeks or days or hours, but it sure feels like it's about that time.


  1. Wow. You are right. Header picture is awesome. So is the dragonfly pictures.

  2. Down the mountain is never a great idea. I had to go down to Phoenix last week in the car. Hot, searing pain.
    I asked Dr. Write if you'd moved to Idaho. Apparently, only in mind, not in body.



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