Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rough draft.

My Sabbatical Report.

Prologue. Sabbaticals are very important. Reasons, examples, &c.

Account of activities.

Summer 08 (technically before my sabbatical had officially started): sat in the mornings with a warm beverage reading at an ever more frenzied rate about the election. Constructed in fantasy a patio-centric life, with breakfast out there and then lunch under the cherry tree minus the birds eating the cherries &c. And dinner. And parties. Wrote. Took footage. Took notes. Walks with Bruiser.

Fall 08: Then we went to Ireland. Then I went to Massachusetts and Maine. THEN it was almost Christmas. Walks with Bruiser.

Winter 09: Then, it was January, a perfect time for new beginnings. more words more words more words about stuff. Wrote, revised, wrote/revised. Increased anxiety about the video essay component of the sabbatical proposal. Walks with Bruiser.

Spring 09: finished a draft of the manuscript. Started making video essays. Walks with Bruiser.

Summer 09: revised that manuscript like it was my job. Made video essays. Idaho.

In conclusion: And now, it's time to go back to school, thank you very much syllabus pedagogy benefit to the department sabbaticals are very very important &c &c I really wish my sabbatical would have lasted forever.


Appendix 1: my manuscript
Appendix 2: a list of all the things I wanted to do but never got around to
Appendix 3: the URL to my Vimeo site
Appendix 4: my Ireland/Idaho photo album
Appendix 5: Alternative proposal for never-ending sabbatical, with benefits to students, my dept., the school, the college, the world and the universe. Also global warming, the environment, and world hunger.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Bruiser who had my back. Thanks to my new iMac for giving me the will to keep going. Thanks to the historian for everything, literally. EVERYTHING. Thanks to my kids and grandkids and everyone I love, who called and had breakfast with me and kept me living in a real world.

The End (the real one).


  1. I freaking love this report. Also. I remember the patio days. Love it. And I was there for the Ireland trip. Thanks for making us part of your sabbatical!

  2. Why can't real life be like the sabbatical? I seriously, totally promise I would not ever take it for granted or lose the love/joy/appreciation for the good life it would be.

    I think it should be on the next available ballot. Right now. Everyone in favor, say aye. Opposed, go away.

  3. Why do things have to end? Boo-hoo! That's me weeping over the end of summer. And the end of my sabbatical, should I ever get one.



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