Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Weather Channel.

In today's Salt Lake Tribune:

Monsoon? Please explain:

Exhibit B (my backyard):

As I believe the evidence shows, the people, what we have here is another kind of nasty weather altogether. A mistral-type situation. You know, a hot, dry wind that hurts your brain, makes you cranky. The kind of weather that makes the murder rate go up? That's what we have here.

Lock up the guns, knives, rat poison and nunchuks, and maybe we'll get through this alive.


  1. Your backyard could be my backyard except you don't have any of the dead branches that the wind conveniently removed and placed on the ground. Maybe conveniently isn't the word. Maybe violently is the word.

  2. This is what I came home to. Not happy. Though happy to be home.

  3. ROFL I'm pretty sure Drew was thinking the same thoughts as you.

    We have SEVEN shingles fly off.. and he had to go nail them back on. So glad he didn't get blown off... ack.

    Stupid monsoon.



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