Friday, August 07, 2009

Better thinking through cooler weather.

It's a pretty much straightforward equation, which, if I had even a passing acquaintance with equations, I would demonstrate here, with an equation:

[Note: I don't even know what the above drawings mean. They are not real equations for this situation. At least, I don't think they are.]

However, since I don't remember a thing about what smarter people than I call "Mathematics" anymore, let alone anything remotely equational, I will simply say this: I think better when it's cooler. (Decorate that sentence with all the math you want. I wish I could, but I do not wish it enough to take a mathematics course.)

Of course, yesterday, I was paying the price for not being able to sleep since I got back from Idaho. (Wait, isn't that paying the price twice? Can't sleep because it's so hot, then get sick because can't sleep because too hot. The mighty injustice of it all!) So my hot weather/productivity matrix was a little bit skewed by a summer cold:

[The above: obviously, not even a matrix. At all.]

. . . but today, with the weather holding at whatever blissful temperature it was holding, and I having slept pretty well, finally, and with whatever cold symptoms I was experiencing being kept in a chokehold by one--just one!--DayQuil capsule: today, the people, I worked. Things happened. Revision was my boyfriend.

So whatever we can all do to keep things at this equilibrium, let's do it. Just keep things cool.


  1. "what smarter people than I call "Mathematics": snort!

  2. I think you should teach a class - equational and meterological psychology - or the poetics of equations. I'm ready to sign up!

    (also wishing you continued recovery!)



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