Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lisa, it's your birthday.

𝄞 Happy birthday, Lisa . . . 𝄫

Obviously, I'm quoting from the Simpson's, not singing happy birthday to myself. Gosh. And frankly, there was no need, since I received a swell of birthday wishes and it was grand.

Here are some of the happy facts of this weekend, which we treated like one delightful celebration:
  • the teeny tiny strawberries grown by Weeks Berries of Paradise, the ones that are a distillation of the strawberry, so fragrant you swoon a little bit.
  • blueberries grown by the same people.
  • the happy accident of finding, in the archaeological dig that is my study, a recipe I'd saved for a blueberry cake (from the NYTimes Sunday Magazine). Ladies & gentleman, it was delicious. I AM PACKRAT (in honor of the archaeological dig and its riches).
  • a beautiful handmade book made by Montana artist Gerri Carlson:
  • two movies (The Hangover and Julie & Julia)(for those who know I've already seen The Hangover once . . . you're right, there's really no excuse. The historian hadn't seen it. It was at Brewvies (still). My veggie burger was delish. AND I did laugh a second time. Quite a bit.)
  • make that three movies--my youngest daughter and I saw The Ugly Truth, which was kind of ugly, it's true, though it had a redeeming virtue or two . . . and there was popcorn. And good company.
  • breakfast out this morning.
  • a chat with my oldest friend.
  • a visit from my son's old friend, and then my son and his family.
  • Mad Men.
I also worked quite a while on stuff for my course, read the newspaper, talked to the kids in Scotland, who sent me an awesome video of the granddaughters singing Happy Birthday, then everyone dancing to "Stop Your Sobbing," which, what a thoughtful present! And the aforementioned birthday wishes from one and all--I feel thoroughly celebrated. And it's not even concluded--my middle daughter has invited us to her house tomorrow for a barbeque and water games (and to play with my grandson)--and I hear there are birthday wishes awaiting at the historian's son's house full of granddaughters.

And so, as a fitting conclusion to this self-congratulatory post, I offer you this:

It was a lovely, lovely day.


  1. And no one deserves that lovely day more than you. You make all of us happy.

  2. felicitations! I like the little jig of joy your labels make at the end of the post!

  3. I love days that seem to be never-ending in the positive.

    Like yesterday; I took two naps, then made dinner with four of my dear friends. But the two naps is what I will truly remember.

  4. I want to see the dancing video. And have cake. But, sigh, I'm glad you had a birthday weekend. I'm thinking of taking a whole month for mine...

  5. Your birthday sounds like the Platonic Form of how birthdays should be.I'm mostly jealous of the berries, the cake, the movies and the family dancing to your song.
    Happy Birthday one more time.

  6. Happy Birthday! I saw "The Hangover" twice, too, for the exact same reason. And I laughed just as hard the second time. Ditto "Bruno," though that was at Brewvies the first time, then at the dollar theater. Many happy returns. :)

  7. happiest of days and years and we should go to lunch sometime after the semester settles its dust.

  8. Happy Birthday to You! So glad it was a lovely day.

  9. Hooray for your birth! I'm glad you had a good birthday.



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