Sunday, August 23, 2009

At last.

Years ago, on Ally McBeal, Ally's therapist (played by Tracey Ullman) told Ally she needed a theme song. (I have searched in vain for a clip from the show of Tracey U. singing her theme song, which was "Tracy, When I'm With You," sung by the Cufflinks--but of course, she was just lip synching, so here you go):

You've got to admit, that is a pretty awesome theme song if your name happens to be Tracy.

However, the fact remains that my name isn't Tracy--not that I wish it were, though damn, that song is catchy--so this song will not work for me. However, the idea of a theme song, one that will affirm some quintessential truth about yourself when you hear it or sing it, is pretty excellent. In fact, ever since Ally McBeal, I have been on a quest for a theme song, if by "quest," we mean "intermittently thinking about," but tonight, at the Pretenders concert, I believe I finally found it:

Theme song--check. If you have a theme song, I definitely want to hear about it in the comments.

Updates: My dad says perhaps my theme song is actually the state song of Idaho, and he just might be right there:
And here we have Idaho
Winning her way to fame
Silver and Gold in the sunlight blaze
and Romance lies in her name
He says that perhaps this is also his theme song, although "the Air Force song ["off we go into the wild blue yonder/ flying high into the sky . . ."] is in strong contention." He further suggests that my mom's theme song must be "Georgia," since she was born there.

Jennifer C. says hers is "Wide Open Spaces"; Sheonagh's is "I Wanna Be Sedated," which I think might actually be my alternate theme song. Y'know, on the days when I don't want to stop my sobbing.

Anyone else?


  1. Theme song? So - like this is the song you'd want sung at your funeral? I'm liking the idea.

  2. I don't, but I want one!

  3. I like that "oooh, child, things are going to get easier" song. Because things always seem to get easier, unless they get harder. And you don't need a song hoping that they'll get harder.

  4. Beautiful Day by U2. Another song that cheers me up is Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  5. I love those Dixie Chicks. I almost wanted to steal JCs. But it seems obvious: "Not Ready to Make Nice." (yes, The dixie chicks!)

  6. Dixie chicks are an excellent choice... I would say my theme song for college years ways is Isley Brothers "Its your thing"

  7. my theme song is: "all you need is love" or whatever it is called by the beatles. or something by the backstreet boys...let's be honest.



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