Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A lot of questions.

Q: what will I wear to the important yet exceedingly early meeting I must attend tomorrow?
Q: why potato chips?
Q: what to do first, on the interminable list of what to do?
Q: why so much insomnia?
Q: what will I take to Seattle? and when will I pack it?
Q: moths: why?
Q: why have a CSA share when we've been gone so much this summer?
Q: when will I get around to seeing the Harry Potter movie?
Q: is a sequined cardigan in my future? or anyone's?
Q: when will the library's robot call me to say the H. Mankell book I've requested is in?
Q: will my laptop accompany me to Seattle?
Q: when and/or where will I find Season 2 of The Wire to watch?
Q: cloud computing: awesome or a pain in the butt? or both?

Answers to these questions--or new questions, with or without answers--will be taken at hightouchmegastore.net. Thanks for your support.


  1. There is no why to moths. They drive me crazy, and as for your meeting? Where something black on the bottom, white on the top. And red shoes. Always red shoes.

  2. A. Yet another of your stunning ensembles.
    A. Crunchy, salty, satisfying.
    A. Skip the list, have a soda with the chips.
    A. Who can sleep with these unending lists everywhere?
    A. Your driver's license and credit card. All else can be purchased.
    A. Seriously. Why indeed. And grasshoppers. Unnecessary.
    A. Uh, what's a CSA share?
    A. After you've seen all of the other HP movies. After Seattle.
    A. Absolutely. Mine is a pale shade of green.
    A. Before Seattle.
    A. Target? Amazon? Ebay?
    A. Uh, again, cloud computing? Pulease, you are headed to Seattle. No cloud computing for you this week.

    Q. Tea Room when you return?

  3. will be interested to see how much you like season two of The Wire. I loved the first season; started the second and enjoyed it but didn't keep watching. I think a particular episode made me feel depressed so I lost my impetus.

    Dominic West as McNulty is amazing. Love everything about him.



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