Friday, August 14, 2009

The birds of Seattle.

We are having a wonderful time in Seattle, to wit:
  • we've spent some time at a park down by Pike Place Market where we had a fine time watching birds and the water and people.
"You know what I find kind of touching? young love," said the historian, pointing out a young, obviously in-love couple.
"You're a better person than I am," said I. "I just feel kind of bitter I'm not still young myself."
Later on, though, the historian's daughter told us that all manner of drug deals go on down there.
"Really?" I said, turning to the historian--"so, that young couple you thought was so charming?"
"Probably doing a drug deal," said the historian's daughter, and she ought to know.
However, the birds of Seattle are not interested in giving me the time of day. You can see what I mean:


  1. Yes, these birds are mostly in a snit.

  2. Were you by Ivar's? You should order a Murphy (chowdah & fries) and then you feed some of the fries to the birds. And then they love you, but in a way that seems close to murder.
    And, the couple? They could have been deeply, madly in love AND buying drugs. It's not an either/or. I'm just saying, that's a possibility.
    Also, I watched "10 Things I Hate About You," which, as you know, features our favorite people. Also, filmed in "Seattle" aka Tacoma, but with some great shots of Seattle, which made me miss it.
    Say "hi" to the Fremont troll from me!



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