Friday, July 31, 2009

Observations for the end of July.

  1. I have now edited and revised so much that I can actually feel it in my behind. I'm hoping that it has the same basic effect as multiple sets of squats. With free weights.
  2. Did you know that sitcom According to Jim, starring Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith, is on? As in, they're still making and broadcasting episodes? I found this out today whilst reading USA Today, which is a veritable fount of vital information and mostly easy crosswords.
  3. A picture of a big shark (also in USA Today) is effectively able to deliver a mild scare to a person such as myself. To me.
  4. Without excessive heat applied to my brain, I am capable of sustained thought.
  5. While Everything is Illuminated has a style that I enjoy and even admire, it has, so far, virtually no narrative momentum.
  6. A bicycle can be an effective compositional aid.
So long July and hello August.


  1. I'm hoping that my bicycle will have the same effect on my behind as multiple sets of squats. With free weights. While also having that effect on the clutter in the mind. Seems to be working.

  2. Hello, August and hello, Lisa! Did you see the movie EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED? The Ukrainian actor/rock star narrator (can't remember his name but his band is called Gogol Bordello) makes the film.

    Love the new header. Awesome-ness personified.

  3. fab header LB!

    leader of GB is Eugene Hutz, no?



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