Friday, July 10, 2009


If I am going to be gone for awhile, I should
  • change all the sheets for all the people who will be in and out of this house taking care of things and cats and dogs.
  • clean the bathrooms.
  • clean the kitchen.
  • consider how much cleaning could go on on a more regular basis at my house.
  • water everything.
  • make lots and lots and lots of lists of things to bring with.
  • go to the library to find that the new Elmore Leonard I requested is there for me. Score!
  • contemplate which poets will be the best advisors for my manuscript revision. Donne? Frank O'Hara? Alice Notley? the Psalmist?
  • bring all the cameras.
  • take my own oatmeal, oat bran, sugar, tea, oat flour, regular flour, salt.
  • contemplate if I need all my computer accoutrements, or just some of my computer accoutrements.
  • upload relevant files to my cloud.
  • mail off stuff (done!). Manuscripts, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (to Singapore), birthday gifts.
  • don't forget my external hard drive.
  • add more necessary songs to the iPod.
  • collect dvds to watch: The Wire, In Treatment, first season of Weeds, Deadwood. Oh yes! we will watch dvds!
  • try not to hyperventilate.
  • try not to freak out about forgetting something.
In short, the people, I will be in Idaho, working on my manuscript, chilling out with the historian, watching dvds, taking naps, and in general trying to cultivate a mind like a river. Wish me luck on the manuscript. There will be updates. Oh yes! there will be updates.


  1. Holy Hell.

    I will consider taking a nap to rest on your behalf.

  2. I love that Singapore Son gets the Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Rolls and Scot Daughter requests Marshmallow Mateys.

    Weeds is a new favorite around here. The best "Don't Do Drugs" show I've ever watched.

    Good luck on the manuscript. Tho I doubt you'll need it. I believe in your powers and the powers of Idaho. And the gift of The Historian.

  3. I make lists like yours too. I usually only accomplish about 20% of it. The cleaning items on my list are always first to go. (Clean is overrated.) Enjoy your time in Idaho. Happy writing!



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