Friday, July 17, 2009

Modern conveniences.

The people, this is a clothesline.

Something about fetching this fairly ancient contraption from the shed, figuring out how to uncollapse it and post it in its designated clothesline spot (a tube sunk into the ground with its own tidy little cap for when the clothes line is not posted), finding the clothespins, and hanging our laundry out in the dry, warm, sage-scented mountain air gives me a big idea:
Me: That's it. I'm living here forever. I'm quitting my job and I'm living here forever.

Historian: Sounds like a good idea. And I'll come see you on weekends?

Me: No, you quit too and we'll live off the land. The Land. Doesn't that sound amazing. I'll be a total housewife. I'll do the laundry and cook and hang the laundry on the line. And I mean total. A Total. Housewife.
And the awesome thing is, I have loads of time ahead of me to play this little game. And take pictures of my scenarios.

Well, that's it for today. I'm back to work.


  1. I love hanging out the laundry. and doing it in Idaho? Even better!

  2. Yes! Live off the land!

    No wait, neither of you can quit until Dr. Write and I are prepared to live off the land. First I have to figure out how not to kill the things I plant.

    Does going to Smiths count as living off the land?

  3. I don't know about this Lisa.. does The Land and your housewifeishness (it's sooo a word) include Target???

    In the meantime, pictures are more than welcome. I heart pictures.

  4. I heart hanging out washing. It is so theraputic.

  5. Laundry, by any other name, is still laundry. So laundry would, were it not laundry called, still be a major pain in the butt.

  6. Don't stop dreaming about that future! If you go back to work, the dream will fade. Fade!

  7. No lie: we have that *very* clothesline in our backyard. I love cheating the electric company of watts our dryer would have used. Of course, truth be told, sometimes it is hot as hell out there hanging clothes. Maybe we should move our clothesline to Idaho where it's cooler.

  8. I am so buying into this fantasy. i will come visit with jars of homemade jam. i will use berries. Which i have gleaned from the land.

  9. I want in on the living off the land deal too, as long as I can still get my fish and chicken at Costco.



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