Monday, July 06, 2009

Alluring objects.

But first, this small discussion.

Today, I got an e-mail from Amazon:

I wracked my brain as to what my recent purchases of DIY project books (cookbooks? bookmaking books, maybe).

Okay, this maybe made sense:

I'm not sure what this even is:

This would absolutely be cool. Making a stuffed monkey talk? I'm in:
I am not sure, however, why Amazon thinks I would be interested in this:

But luckily for everyone who lives with me, loves me, lives in my neighborhood, and maybe for the whole world, I'm not.

Video, again with the stripes. This is about shoes:

The Mission. from lisab on Vimeo.


  1. Sweet. Yellow shoes are, well they are exactly the thing that people need sometimes. The love for yellow shoes starts early for some--Audrey spied some yellow rubber boots at Old Navy last week and was not amused to learn they were four sizes bigger than her little feet. She finally settled for pink with black spots, but that was what it was--she settled.

  2. You are a busy woman. One day, I will apply myself DIY ala Lisa B.

  3. I feel the same way about red shoes. and jackets.

  4. I have yellow pointed-heel pumps I am mad-crazy about. I plan outfits in advance to incorporate the yellow shoes.

  5. I got no comment on yellow shoes, but can I say that your choice of music in these videos continues to be, well, perfect.

  6. Can I just add that the real reason you might, I stress might, want to get that chemistry how to book, is that you have grandsons. Just think about it for a minute...

  7. This brought to mind Kenneth Koch's poem "Paradiso," which reads, in part "There is no way not to be excited when what you have been disillusioned by raises its head from its arms and seems to want to talk to you again. You forget home and family and set off . . .and go to where you believe this form of reality may dwell. Not finding it there, you refuse any further contact until you are back again trying to forget the only thing that moved you (it seems) and gave what you forever will have but in the form of a disillusion." I so, so, so relate to this poem, and to your quest for alluring yellow shoes.

  8. If you make the talking sock monkey, I want to see the video!

    I like the yellow shoes, or rather the search for something out of reach that the yellow shoes stands in for - and I agree the music, as always, is great.



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