Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update 1.

We arrived yesterday evening. Our accomplishments thus far:
  1. Brought up two bikes with no mishaps.
  2. Slept the sleep of the blessed last night.
  3. Cabin-napping. (Studies show that cabin-napping is far superior to regular napping.)
  4. Two walks by the river.
  5. Watched a new episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which featured an egocentric poet/editor of a poetry magazine. Oh! 'twas very heaven.
  6. Watched three episodes of In Treatment, which is everything I have been told it would be. Which is to say, excellent.
  7. I finished one L.A. detective novel and am now halfway through The Black Dahlia. Which is excellent as well. Remind me to tell you about my whole new L.A. thing. There is a reading list.
  8. Started reading through my manuscript. Hey. It's the weekend. I'll get serious tomorrow, which is Monday, which is, in case you forgot, the beginning of the work week.
The people, Idaho is beautiful. There are birds everywhere, all kinds of birds. It is warm but not hot, and there was a wonderful stiff wind swooping around everywhere while we were eating our dinner, which was spaghetti, which tasted like everything tastes up here: perfect.


  1. Cabin-napping is my sport of choice. And Idaho, indeed, is the place for this sport.

    What was the first L.A. novel?

  2. is In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne? He's dreamy.

  3. The first L.A. novel was Angel's Flight, by Michael Connelly. It was interesting--part of a detective series.

    Yes, Gabriel Byrne; yes, dreamy!

  4. Idaho sounds ideal. I want a manuscript-fixing haven. Perhaps Northern AZ can be like Idaho if'n I read some good LA fiction, ride my bike and find some birds.

  5. Your post is inspiring me to find an attainable felicity of my own. Good luck on the ms. (and the LA novels!)

  6. After Black Dahlia you have to read My Dark Places, which is a memoir, but so creepy. Anyway, I enjoyed it.
    I love your Idaho posts, but must admit I am insanely jealous and I miss you.

  7. cabin napping is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

  8. the cabin is pretty cool but check out the video on our blog it rocks the cabins butt.



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