Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, here's another reason that the internets are better than anything: free maps. And I am not talking about Google maps. I am talking about U.S. Geological Survey maps, downloadable free to any human who has bandwidth and patience. Well, bandwidth and episodes of In Treatment to watch whilst the maps are downloading. We have our limits.

In the midst of my Los Angeles project, I have looked hither and yon for a map that will tell me everything I want it to: where are the various cities? and where are the geological features? and what about the rivers, streams, and canyons? Well, look no further: you use the Map Locator to get the general area, then you pinpoint markers, which allow you to see the relevant maps, and then you download the maps as pdf files. And then, you screen grab 'em and post 'em to your blog:

And free! The coolest maps ever, and they are free!


  1. Yes I'm goin' to California in my mind...

  2. And it looks like art! Love all the lines and colors and textures of that map. And the fact that it's L.A. is frosting on the cake.



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