Monday, July 27, 2009


The historian went home today, so it has been nothing but me and my own brain, a situation that is ripe for contemplation.
  1. working on poems uses a different part of my brain than working on movies.
  2. I love to see the sky, and the sky here is wonderful--mercurial, moody, huge.
  3. when there is a shortage of foods from the salty/crunchy food group--as there is, indeed, now such a shortage at my lodgings--it leads me, ineluctably, to the conclusion that we need more salty/crunchy foods close at hand. Soon if not immediately.
  4. If I could be a kind of weather, I would be rainy.
  5. leftover noodles? delicious.
  6. no matter how well you think you know a place--a place you've been coming since your infancy--there is more to learn and more to see. More to know.
  7. riding with the wind is excellent. Riding into the wind reminds me of things I would rather not consider about my physical condition and age.
  8. with no one here but myself I can think more steadily about these poems.
But I already miss the historian.

Here are some things we saw yesterday:


  1. It is so big where you are.

  2. I'm sad we haven't made it up there. Gus misses you.
    But, we can do some things and not other things. Damn patio.
    Patio pics on FB, btw.
    See you soon!

  3. Love your meditations.

    i'm hoping this will be a good and useful time for you alone. I will say this. I used to love alone. Not such a fan now.

  4. I am decidedly not good at hanging out alone. You're doing the admirable work, as usual. I hope it's fun in that deep, monastery kind of way.



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