Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The visits.

This summer has been nonstop fun, I've been saying, which means that

(1) I have barely written a word;
(2) I have made no little films;
(3) I have posted no podcasts.

On the other hand, I have had the chance to

(a) visit with the historian's daughter and partner in Seattle;
(b) hang with my brother's family;
(c) drive across part of this great nation with my niece;
(d) see my wonderful friend in Sonoma County;
(e) go to Idaho with the historian, and then with my auntie and niece;
(f) have lunch with my mom and sister;
(g) have lunch and/or tea with friend after friend;
(h) hang with soccer coach son when he came for a visit;
(i) go to Idaho with singing son and his wife, as well as college daughter, who came home for a whirlwind tour;
(j) go shopping and to dinner with make-up artist daughter and darling grandson, as well as to a movie;
(k) visit the new little baby of the historian's son and his wife;
(l) and other social and family engagements almost too numerous to mention.

I only wish the Scotlands were here or we were there--but then, we're meeting them in Ireland in September.

Summer will soon be over, and everyone, including me, will have to get to work. But while it lasts, life feels full, good, very rich, happy. And why not just enjoy it? What else is there to do, right?


  1. I think you're doing exactly what should be done in summer. Plus, you'll probably be way more energized when you get back in the fall. You are my summertime role-model (and probably the rest of the year too).

  2. that is a wonderful picture of me! you're right!!! and everyone else as well! it was so great to see everyone and i do agree that the scotland's could've been there.

  3. what a lovely way to spend the summer for you. jr told me the other day he made a mistake taking a class this summer because now he needs a break. while i secretly agreed, because i, too, could use a break, i did my best to welcome him gently to the world of grownup where breaks are too far apart and those wonderful days of summer are spent by many of us indoors, gazing longingly out the window.

  4. No talk of the end of summer till August 15th--please!



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