Friday, July 11, 2008

My bed: a memoir.

When I was in NoCal, aka Sonoma County, a few weeks ago, visiting my darling friend, I slept in a sublime bed. Sonoma County is dry and hot in the summer, and the bedroom was upstairs, so you'd a thought it would be hot, and therefore the plethora of downy blankets and throws would be unbearable. But instead, the bed was heavenly. I opened the window and the night got airier; the weird science of down inside of cotton was cool and lofty.

I got home and took a critical eye to the bed we sleep in each night. By "critical" I mean "whiny." What the hell is the matter with this bed? I asked. Why do I spring from it, insomnia-ridden and sleepless, plenty of nights, and why is it so freaking uncomfortable?

As it turns out, dear readers--and you may not have actually been in a location we call a "store" where they sell all sorts of materials called "bedding," so this may come as a shock--you can make your bed more comfortable by buying downy blankets and puffy mattress covers, and here's another tip--you can turn your mattress over.

I have transformed the daily/nightly bed into a much more splendid place. In fact, it's become a little obsession. Today, I stopped into Target (the holy city) and found 600-thread count sheets at a fetching discount. These will go with the new-ish puffy mattress cover and lovely, lightweight cotton-covered lofty down blanket. And, in what must have been kismet, these sheets are an elegant shade of bluish gray.

In conclusion, good night.


  1. Awesome news about the bed, must contemplate. Are you going to do the Memory Meme? Please do so I can share some hilarious memories....

  2. My parents have (in my opinion) an overly complicated system for rotating their mattress involving dots marked at the head and foot of each side. Supposedly this lets them know whether they're supposed to flip it over, or rotate it from head to foot or both. I saw them try to maneuver the flipping of the mattress once and I laughed at them for it so much that my Mom called me the other day to tell me that they were flipping their mattress, because my dad suggested to her that I would want to be informed. Also, my verification is mnglqt - mangle cutie.

  3. I am so with you on this one. Jack and I bought a king-sized bed several years back and after a vacation at a hotel that had a king-sized, pillowtop bed, we hurried back home and almost immediately (the next day, after sleeping on our own bed) purchased a pillowtop king, which, when coupled with the wonderfully soft white wamsutta sheets is heaven. Of course, we can no longer stay in hotels with cheap beds...and, in fact, have on more than one occasion, shortened an already short trip so we could get back to our own heavenly bed. It is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity that feels luxurious.



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