Saturday, July 19, 2008

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July 2008

Dear Clutter in my Study:

Today, I bought you several items that I would like to see put to good use for our semi-annual "Organize the Study" project. To wit:
  • a low table;
  • several closely woven baskets
As you know, today I began the project by
  • recycling half a year's worth of New Yorkers without looking at the table of contents for each issue (at least, not every issue), and
  • shoving a bunch of stuff I don't know what to do with into the nether half of the room.
This made me sweaty and also despondent. Why is there so much stuff in my study? Why is there a "nether half of the room"? I pulled myself together and got a shower. Much better.

However, having begun the project, I expect that you can now continue sorting yourself on your own and without my direct supervision, using the above-mentioned receptacles in any way that you see fit, so long as you establish order and manage chaos. Feel free to think outside the box!

Please consider Monday the deadline for this organization project.

Sincerely, etc., etc.


  1. Sounds like you need some help from Throweverythingawayandcleartheclutteronceandforall! Sophia

  2. Dear mom's study-
    i do think that since it is your fault it is so unorganized you should definitely have that deadline! it for sure needs to clean yourself up. mom gave you the starting point but now is the time for you to fend for yourself.

    sincerely etc., etc.'s daughter. :D

  3. as I have a new office I'm trying to not clutter it up; of course this means actually figuring out where potential clutter--a book, an article, a things, a paper clip--needs to go and then actually putting it there.



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