Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things I have put back recently.

I carried the below-listed items around various stores, but instead of buying, I returned them to their proper retail locations for someone else to buy:

1. bandanna printed shirt
2. yellow purse
3. gray suede shoes
4. navy blue dress
5. the new Beck recording
6. more organic cotton pillowcases
7. super expensive charcoal gray modal scarf from Italy
8. gray knit skirt, then a geranium knit skirt, then a black knit skirt

I did, however, download a whole bunch of Gillian Welch today. And got a haircut.


  1. You could have used all that cloth to sop up the water in your office.

  2. But now what will you wear? Perhaps you could be a personal shopper for me. I hate to shop. You love it. I would like an expensive Italian scarf (I think). I read the first item as a banana printed shirt and thought, no, Lisa B. is not the shopper for me and then I read it again and thought, she's hired.

  3. At the open mike night on Tuesday there was a boy (18 yrs old) who looked and sounded exactly like Beck. I went up to him and pretty much groveled at his feet.

  4. congrats on the buyer restraint! i'm very impressed! but why did you put back beck? i'm surprised by that...

  5. Congratulations on the restraint, but you simply must go back and get that yellow bag.



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