Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday, or Do the collapse.


1. go to market (peas, cherries, chard, lettuce, garlic, little squashes, apricots, and the good bread from the Crumb Bros.)
2. visit the historian's son, wife, and darling new baby (via some circuitous route because of the I-80 madness)
3. buy a Coke/potato chips on the way home
4. lunch/nap
5. paint the basement (goodbye paneling, hello Saffron Cream)
6. shower (quick quick quick)
7. drive to airport--college daughter! rejoice!
8. see The Incredible Hulk (could there be a scrawnier Bill Banner to start off with? not as lame as I thought it would be)
9. eat at Wendy's and philosophize with college daughter, singing son and his wife
10. go home and philosophize with college daughter, singing son, his wife, and the historian. Not to mention Bruiser.
11. run up to makeup artist daughter's house for a quick visit with her, college daughter, and the darling grandson who can walk and say "Ball!".
12. collapse into bed (after this post).

That's two collapses, in case you're counting. Tomorrow, some of us are heading up to Idaho to collapse some more, but in the best possible sense of that word.

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  1. Already a post, you really ought to be a full time blogger, is that what this year off is really about?



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