Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wild Kingdom.

This weekend's quick trip to Idaho yielded natural wonders in spades. The moose, above, standing in the water at Big Springs, paying just the barest attention to, well, us, gawking like tourists. Woods tourists.


The spray at Mesa Falls catching the light and making a rainbow.

And this beautiful elk, in Yellowstone.

Enough to make the trip entirely worthwhile.


DiaNe said...

you always see a moose! Ok, not always, but you do seem to find amazing wildlife when you are up there.

Dr. Write said...

My favorite part is the buzzing mosquito soundtrack on the moose video. And also how the moose doesn't care.

Nik said...

You went to Yellowstone? Man, you have had the ideal traveling summer. I am beyond jealous. Maybe in the year 2525 I'll have such a summer?

ABick said...

that trip was absolutely beautiful! i had so much fun!!! :D


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