Friday, July 04, 2008

Take that, agony of defeat!

The agony goes to the historian, my niece, and my aunt, the three of whom I bested in a rousing game of Bacarac, which is a fancified game of poker with weird betting and whatnot. Despite a ferocious amount of teasing on the part of the other players, I kept my composure and won. I would like to thank the Academy of Card Players, which includes my coaches and trainers, my children who learned to play from all their card-playing elders, my mom who taught me how they play solitaire for money so I wouldn't cheat whilst whiling away a summer, my best friend who learned to play poker from my dad when we were teenagers, and indeed, the big Dad himself, who played endless amounts of poker whilst waiting for planes to be readied during his tour in Vietnam. Out of that, this moment of victory, for which I am truly thankful.


  1. I think you are allowed to brag and "thank the academy" if/when you can be the winner two nights running...

  2. Mom, I tried to call ya but the number did not work, I will be up late tonight(friday) or call me in the morning.

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